Welcome to Barrels By Boo


I believe we need to be clear about our expectations for our horse and realistic about the horse's ability to fulfill those expectations. My goal with every prospect is to teach all the basic skills, so they are well-equipped to become a confident barrel horse with a sound mind.

I view myself as the horses coach.  I try to teach at the level they are capable of learning each day. "The biggest mistake a horse trainer makes is not riding a horse often enough, then trying to do too much when they ride," says Bill Freeman. Teach them a little everyday, quitting your session on a good note. If you are consistent and patient, your horse will learn faster and retain what he learns.

But remember, the rider is the leader. And to lead, you must know where you are going. Through BarrelsByBoo I hope to share what I have learned so that you can learn to communicate better with your horse, which will bring better results.

Enjoy your visit on BarrelsByBoo. Creating it has been a pleasure.